The G.I. Bill of Rights.

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The GI Bill was officially known as the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944,it was designed to provide greater opportunities to returning war veterans of

World War II. The bill, signed by President Roosevelt on June 22, 1944, provided federal aid to help veterans adjust to civilian life. The Bill helped provide in hospitalization, purchase of homes and businesses, education was also a highly demanded benefit from the GI Bill. The topic of the GI Bill was an economical issue because the surrounding communities and societies were prepared from the ranks of returning veterans. The people all worked together to welcome back the soldiers by helping them get jobs and get back on track and get easily accustomed to everyday life in a community.

The topic of the GI Bill helped define the golden age in the sense of the people all uniting by working together to build a better community.

The GI Bill helped the US sustain better living for those veterans returning from the war, so therefore the topic of the GI Bill was not a controversial issue in the time period of the 1950's because the point of it was not to stir up problems within a country but to help it benefit. Educationally, the more veterans that attended school the amount of teachers enlarged, and more students thrived for better and higher education.

The GI Bill still exists, it is now known as the Montgomery GI Bill. It is an educational assistance program provided by congress designed for high quality

men and woman in the armed forces. The Montgomery bill provides education and training opportunities for those who are elegible.