The Gaylord Palms.

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The Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, like many other hotels, has an executive committee that meets four times a week to discuss current activities within the hotel, review the prior week's performance and forecast upcoming dilemmas and tribulations. The executive committee is headed by the President and General Manager, and consists of the Hotel Manager, VP of Sales and Marketing, VP of Finance and Accounting, Chief Information Officer, Director of Conference Management, Executive Director of Food and Beverage, Director of Rooms, Director of Human Resources and the Director of Leadership and Training, all of whom are very important within the Gaylord Hotel.

The president, Collin Reed, is probably the most important person on this committee. He communicates directly with Gaylord Entertainment (GET), the parent company, and makes decisions on their behalf. Reed also ensures that public relations are handled in a courteous and professional manner, both from oneself and other Gaylord Entertainment employees.

Serving also as an observer of operations, Reed makes suggestions and recommendations in order to enhance or restructure operations.

Second on the Executive Committee, is the General Manager/Senior Vice President, John Caparella. He is responsible for the day-to-day operational issues of service, cost control, and revenue maximization. Caparella directs all phases of operations within the departments of the hotel to provide quality service and product to guests. As the GM, he works in assisting the Managers in setting goals, both qualitative and quantitative and to develop business and financial plans for the hotel and monitor performance. He spends much time researching and analyzing current and future market areas to increase utilization off all areas, and develop sales strategies based upon the data.

The following members of the executive committee may not be as recognized or renowned, but they are equally important and provide information...