How to get an A in a course.

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I am sure that many students have always asked this question at least once in there school life, "How do I get an A in a course". The answer is simple and it is broken down into three steps. First, make sure that you always do your homework and hand in assignments on time. Second, always pay attention in class and take sufficient notes in that class. Finally always be to class on time and try not to miss a single class. By following these three simple steps and you are almost guaranteed to get an A in a course.

Making sure that you always have your homework completed and that you hand in assignments in on time is probably the most key part to getting an A in a course. When you do your homework and especially if you put effort into your homework, when it comes to test time you will only have to lightly review over your notes.

Having assignments always done and handed in on time will guarantee you not losing any marks. If you put extra effort into homework and assignments then you know more and also it assures that you have done you best effort and that you will probably receive a good mark. The first point to getting an A in a course is probably the most important step, do you homework and assignments.

Always paying attention in class and taking down all the notes in class is the second most important part in order to receive an A in a course. When you pay attention in class you are guaranteed that you will not miss anything that the teacher says, which usually is important and may show up on a later test. Also when paying attention in...