"Ghost in a Shell" Film Review.

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"Ghost in the shell" is a Japanese anime film set in the year 2029. The world is a very different place, the net brings the planet together, and everyday people are part cyborg, part human. The ghost refers to the human soul and the shell is the cyborg body.

The issue of humanity is a strong theme within this film, as one complex computer program wishes to possess a human shell. That particular program is the making of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs, a.k.a. Section 6, whose purpose is to infiltrate and hack whatever and whoever is needed in order to get what they need. The program, Project 2501, nicknamed puppet master, no longer wishes to work for Section 6 and tries to take human form. Meanwhile at Section 9, the Internet police are trying to track down the Puppet Master so they can stop it from hacking into humans.

Kusangi, a complex character who we know little about and Bateau, a rule bending man who tries to control Kusangi, are both from Section 9, but when they find the Puppet master their job is far from over in this high tech tale of confrontation.

The future is bleek in this movie, everything is automatic with little human interaction. Humans are also able to be hacked via their part cybernetic brains and their memories altered to suit the purpose of hackers. Everyone and everything is vulnerable, the only thing to protect it are the cyber cops from section 9. Normal human officers are no match for this future, they need cybernetic humans with the ability to travel through cyberspace.

Ghost in a shell uses the latest special effects to draw its viewers into the film. They are able to make realistic panning shots to bring out the...