Good Things Do Not Always Come in Small Packages

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Conscientious and concerned people everywhere, who consider themselves responsible members of

the human family, should never hesitate to present important issues to the global village. In this age of

consumer fraud, limited resources, world-wide hunger and corporate greed, we should never relax our

vigilance to bring forth any transgression on these points. And so I say that although "Shredded

Wheat" has been a widely accepted breakfast cereal for over fifty years, it is nonetheless a nasty

and unlikely food source because it is flavorless, aesthetically displeasing and dangerous.

Firstly, you will find after placing some of this so-called food in your mouth that you will be

hard pressed to discern any palatable or even unpalatable taste. No matter how long you were to

roll this stuff around in your mouth (until the end of eternity) you would taste nothing. Taking a

mouthful of coarse grade steel wool would not be unlike "Shredded Wheat," except the steel wool

would at least have a metallic taste.

Secondly, the sight of "Shredded Wheat" will make your very soul cringe. Taking one of these

huge blocks out of its box and placing it in your little cereal bowl is not a pleasant experience. It does

not fit into anything smaller than a saucepan! When you break it into pieces, it fits, but you will have

a chaotic mess in your bowl. No one in his right mind would eat anything that looks like building


Lastly, but emphatically not least, many people have been seriously hurt from eating

"Shredded Wheat." Some people have been sent to early graves because of it. As stated, "Shredded

Wheat" must be broken into pieces to fit your cereal bowl, but you will then have created a life

threatening situation. Look carefully at those broken shards. You will see...