A Green Thumb.

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Everybody has something he or she enjoys doing, maybe it is for relaxation or maybe a hobby. Sometimes that hobby can be hard work and sometimes it can help one unwind. I have found something that can be hard work at times but most often, it helps me unwind and relax. Want to know what my secret is? Well, it is gardening.

I first got started gardening while working with my mom in her garden. She helped me understand the basics of gardening like, the difference between annuals and perennials and the pros and cons of different plant types. At first, I would complain about helping, but after the project was completed, I felt a sense of pride in our accomplishment. She still tells me how much she wants me to come home and help her because, my brother and sister, who still live at home, do not help.

My last trip home I spent two days putting in a pond and landscaping it.

Gardening can be hard work both physically and mentally. Someone may laugh at the thought of that, but digging up the ground and leveling it out to make a flowerbed can wear someone out. Maybe even harder than that is making sure you pick the right plants. The most important thing is, for it to be pleasing to the eye, but then I have to take into consideration the amount of sunlight the area receives, the make-up of the soil because all plants like different soil types. For instance, some plants like acidic soil while others will die if planted in it and other plants have to have the proper drainage or the root system will rot. Another important consideration, and most often overlooked is, how big the plant will be when it matures.