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Recife is the 3rd largest city in northeastern Brazil, populated at about 1,500,000 people, and is capital of Pernambuco which is located in the northeastern portion of the state. It is also very comfortable all year round, with temperatures ranging from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Lying along the Atlantic Ocean, it was built to be a port city, its main exports being sugar, cotton and coffee.

Recife also has a quickly growing urban and tourist area that has been called the "Venice of Brazil" because half of it lies on the main land, and the other half on an island, which results in it being dissected by a lot of different beautiful waterways and connected by various bridges.

The Venice-like waterways of Recife is not the only tourist attraction for this coastal city. Many come to see historic sites of the seventeenth and eighteenth century such as old buildings, churches, and historical monuments.

Many tourists also come to see the white sandy beaches Recife, the most popular being the Boa Viagem beach. There is also a once a year celebration in the downtown part of the city that brings tourist from all over the world , it is called "Carnival", this celebration could be described as a large circus like street party, and from my research, it looks much like a more elaborate version of North Americas "Mardi Gras" celebration. These activities, while all fun and interesting, may not be enough, and as a tourist, you might want to check out other interesting things in the city, such as local music or activities.

One such music you might want to check out is "Frevo" music. This is unique to Recife in that it originated here! Frevo music is most often used during the celebration of Carnival. You might...