The Gulf War: A quick view into the causes and the effect on Iraq economically and politically during the Gulf War. A discussion about whether or not America was justified in attacking

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Gulf War

(P)The attack of Iraqi military forces to a small Arab state called Kuwait on orders from Dictator Saddam Hussein caused The US to interfere with the situation; this resulted in The Gulf War, starting in January 16, 1991 ending in February 28. The military campaign against Iraq had two phases: The Air War and the Ground War. The aim of the air war was to destroy the strategically important places and the ground war was for reinforcement of the air war.

(P)There were a number of reasons that caused the war in addition to the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi Military Forces; these reasons were: Iraq; publicly decrying the US naval presence in the Persian Gulf and making increasingly belligerent threats against Kuwait and The United Arab Emirates whom they accused of breaking agreements limiting oil production and thereby severely depressing world oil prices and costing Iraq billions of dollars in annual revenue.

(P)The Gulf war resulted in 'Kuwait' having great an amount of economic loss and in addition to great economic loss a continuous sanction to Iraq by the United Nations. In contrary US gained a great amount of prestige in the international area by showing that they are the only superpower and found clients to its new technology weapons which U.S. used in the Gulf War.

The U.S. is a militarist country and the US government is justified in attacking Iraq, however there are arguments against this evaluation. These arguments can be refuted by arguments supporting the militarist theory


(P)Firstly, as a contrary argument it is said that states role is not to define rights but to defend rights, in other words, rights are not given by the states they are given naturally, but it can be said that in reality states...