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The anniversary of a Gurus' birth or death.

It start with three days

GURPURB a compound of two words guru, the spiritual teacher, and purb, festival or celebration

The events of these festivals:

1. In April, the martyrdom of Guru Arian.

2. In August, the installation of the Guru Granth in the Gold Temple

3. In November, Guru Nanak's birthday.

4. In December, Guru Gobind Singh's birthday. The martyrdom of the tenth Guru's young sons.

The main parts of the festivals:

1. Decorate Gurdwaras with flowers, flags and lights

2. People wearing a new or smart clothes and join together for special services.

3. Hymns, poems are recited in praise of the Gurus and there are lectures on Sikhism.

4. Food is important in this festival. Sikhs come together to eat special food such as Karah

The procession of the akhand path:

1. Akhand path is continuous beginning to end reading of the sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib

2. The akhand path is usually arranged to last about 48 hours (spreading over three days)

3. The reading is done by a team of readers, who may be professionals or family members

4. The reading must be clear and accurate

5. The conclusion of an akhand path end in the early morning

What does the Sikhism do during the Gurpurbs?

1. On this day the Granth Sahib is carried in procession throughout the village or city.

2. It is placed on a float or a van strewn with flowers.

3. Five armed guards, head the procession carrying Nishan Sahibs (the Sikh flag).

4. Local bands are hired for playing religious music for the procession.

5. Marching schoolchildren are a special part of the procession.

6. Free sweets and langar are also offered to the general public outside some...