Haida people : Research on them (part two).

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The Haida people live their lives on a island called Queen Charlotte Islands off the northern coast of British Columbia. They Haida also called the island "Haida Gwaii", which means "Islands of the People". The Haida men catch sea living animals, such as fish shell, salmon, and seals for both fabrics and food purposes. The Haida women process what ever resources that the men brought to useable items. They often dry roots, berries, shell fish, and seaweeds as their food for winter.

The Haida people have 4 commandments that they most follow from the Great Spirits : "Respect mother Earth, Respect the Great Spirit, Respect our fellow man and woman, Respect for individual freedom." They believed on the Supernatural that lived beyond the earth. They believed the power of the sun, moon and the thunder. They believed that the Haida medicine person is granted with special power and those would be dressed in special clothes.

They usually wore a dancing blanket, when people are sick they would try to cure them. The medicine person would have an assistant who beats the drum while the medicine person uses his power to cure. The Haida believed that the drumming ands singing would bring people back into balance and they would get well.