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In my final year at high school I became the chairman of the English language club. My primary aim was to generate some genuine interest as well as to promote foreign cultures in the club. Prior to my election it was not a popular meeting point for students who wanted to practise their English. My initiative was to suggest then coordinate the organisation of a Halloween Show night for all students. It was my intention to give the club some credibility, increase its popularity and to have some fun in the process!

Convincing people that the show would be great fun at first seemed extremely difficult. Our advantage was the idea was very new and appealing to students because they were very curious about what Halloween actually was. Publicising the "ghost performances" proved to be very successful. Ticket sales were unexpectedly high.

Now let me have a look at Halloween, one of America's greatest fests, which first took place in my high school, probably in my city.

Each homeroom class decorated their classrooms, and students and teachers dressed for the occasion in a variety of creative costumes. Originally I planned to go as Elvis so I went to the costume store and got myself a pair of golden rock star sunglasses, fake jewellery, sideburns and fake chest hair. But despite all my desperate attempts to look like The King (eating pounds of sweets and wearing a polyester shirt and white plastic slippers), I ended up looking like "the seventies pimp who wants to look like Elvis". However, the classroom decorations were fabulous and the costumes were fantastic - everything was absolutely beyond our expectations.

Perhaps the most difficult task was to convince ourselves to take the risk of not recovering the costs of the show. I ensured that everyone...