"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"

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The much awaited book of 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' brought no disappointment to children and adults of the world alike. J.K Rowling set the world of magic alight in her first book of Harry Potter. A writer who can make magic appear on the pages of her book, she truly has inspired readers of all age groups that anything can be brought alive if written or said properly.

The 6th Harry Potter book includes the same main characters being Harry, Ron and Hermione. There are a few more characters added into the story such as Voldemort's father and mother, new school children and new teachers. Harry, Ron and Hermione don't seem that much more mature and are still finding trouble wherever they turn. Once again Harry is sent to stay with his muggle relatives, Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and their spoiled son, Dudley. Harry's stay here is the shortest ever as Dumbledore comes to Privet Drive to get Harry and take him to The Burrow, the home of his best friend Ron Weasley.

A basic overview of the book: Once back at Hogwarts, Harry learns that greasy potions teacher, Snape, has finally achieved his dream to teach Defense against the Dark Arts. Dumbledore summons Harry to his office to begin a series of trips into his pensieve (someone else's vision)to learn the true nature of Lord Voldemort, and the beginnings of Tom Riddle and his family. Draco Malfoy is sneaking around the castle, and seems to be on a mission given to him by Voldemort. Harry receives Potions advice from a second hand Potions book filled with writing by someone calling themselves "The Half Blood Prince." Two students are mysteriously attacked and almost killed by some unknown thing or curse. Love is truly in the air...