Where Has Our Educational Structure Gone?

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"Can we afford to keep pretending that we can get world-class results with second-world spending"? The last strong educational structure was in the late 1960's, but quickly destroyed by the late 1970's a mere decade later. In further is the thought of companies running our schools for a reduction of the variable and increase in the production. Otherwise known as an efficiency increase. What is there to do in this situation? What is the deeper picture?

The government spends money like it is going out of style on unfathomable objects. Not that they are making investments to later make money, but investments that will only be short lived. The government doesn't have money for educational systems that are failing, yet they have all the money they need to throw a 40 million dollar inauguration ceremony. I don't think it is just me something is not adding up. The government reminds me of a small child, they want this and that and will complain until they get what they want.

They will make things that don't really matter a big deal to the citizens and make it seem as though we have been insulted, just to play a game of Cowboys and Indians.

Gov. Pat Green came up with the greatest educational system in the world in the late 1960's, but since then, due to many mistakes by the government, it has dwindled and we are now in an upside down situation. Our educational systems are getting further and further behind and the kids today are our future. It doesn't look so bright.

Now we are under the impression that companies may take over the ranks of the government and be in control of the schools. This is not a good idea if they plan on running the school like a...