How has your understanding of the consequences of change been shaped by the techniques used by various authors?

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Change is a constant and inevitable process which manifests itself in many different aspects of life, whether it is physical, emotional or psychological. The effects of change render an impact upon its environment and hence derive consequences such of changing perspectives and maturity. Mark Leigh's "Secrets and Lies", Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden" and Bruce Springstein's "The River" all convey this concept, dealing with influences on the characters which foster growth and even regression. Leigh explores his ideas on the beneficial effects of change through self discovery; the characters discover compassion and closure as they coax each other out of their lies. Burnett's novel explores the growth and maturity of the characters; developed by the passing of time and age, an inevitable facet of life, symbolized by the metaphorical rehabilitation of the garden. Springstein's song offers a different viewpoint on the concept of change and its consequences, compelling his audience to a tragic teenage story which focuses on negative change, leading to the deterioration of the main character's life.

These texts use characters to drive the underlying issue of the inexorable nature of change in all its triumphs and predicaments, and hence the consequences of change, of both positive and negative effects.

"Secrets and Lies" poses change as a necessary element in life, central to allow characters to grow, even at the risk of destroying the lingering remnants of each other's broken relationships. Through the main character of Cynthia, Leigh demonstrates to the audience the impediments of embracing change, attributed to its confronting nature. It is only when one overcomes their insecurities and fears will they have the ability to mature and grow. Evidently shown in Maurice's comment on Cynthia's surroundings, "all the junk," this acts as a metaphor to the disarray of her lifestyle and her...