Hockey Worries

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It was the last period, tied 0-0. I had the game on my stick, just me and the goalie. The clock was ticking down, 36...35...34. Did you just think that I was going to tell you what happened next? Nice try. I have to build up some suspense first. A lot of hard work went into that one moment, at least for some people. For others, they could have cared less if we won or lost. I didn't care as long as I truly tried my best. But don't get me wrong; I love winning but I have never understood those people who didn't care if they won or lost or even how they played. I've always tried my best and when others did not, it seemed as if I had to work double as hard just to make up for their slacked effort. This is why I have never regretted any of my efforts.

Whenever you participate in an event, never settle for less than your best; always give it your all.

It is always important to stay positive even when other people do not believe in you. Before this championship game had started, our coach came into our excitement filled dressing room for his usual pre-game speech. Only this time his talk was not the customary "you got this in the bag" speech, but today was the "its okay if you don't win, this team is very good" kind of speech. I remember thinking that he is probably right; the same team beat us only a few weeks before. This idea of getting beat was now glued into my mind. Now that I can look back on this, I think that the entire team's confidence was shot down almost completely. My coach was in one way or...