Homosexual Relationships

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Should Gays Be allowed to marry?

I personally feel that gays should not be allowed to get married in our society, for a few reasons. Our government is trying to respect homosexuals and the fact that they are no different from the rest of us, so therefore should have all the same rights and assets. Therefore it they should be able to perform some kind of act which binds them together, both emotionally and also financially. However, the word marriage is a Christian ceremony which is traditionally meant to bond a man and a woman together forever. I do not think that gay people therefore getting married is following this tradition, and if it were allowed to happen, would change the tradition in some way, which I am against. I do believe that Homosexuals should be able to be bonded in some way, very similar or in fact almost exactly the same as marriage, and have all the same rights, but I do not think it should be called marriage, because that is not really what it is.

Gay should be able to bond together with a contract, and therefore live together for the rest of their lives, but I feel that it should not be actually called marriage.

No it is not practicing discrimination because the reason why gays are not given the right of marrying is not because they are different from the rest of us, or should just be treated differently because they are a minority, but because the word marriage does not mean the bonding of two people of the same sex. If gays were not allowed to make some kind of bonding contracting between themselves and their partner, then yes I do think that would be discrimination against them, because it is unfair that they...