Honors Research paper on animal cruelty with sources cited. Looks at types of animal cruelty and how to fix it.

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A well known leader, Mahatma Ghandi once said, "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated." (qtd in ASPCA) According to that quote we still have a long way to go yet before becoming a great nation. Not only does the United States have a problem with animal cruelty but countries around the world are struggling with it too. Not only is animal cruelty committed in circuses, puppy mills and other places but right in our own neighborhoods by people who just don't care. If we can educate kids and pet owners about animal cruelty, we can eliminate some or even all of these problems.

Animal cruelty has existed since there were animals and humans living together. Henry Bergh was the first person to set up an association for victims of animal cruelty and strays. This association, called the ASPCA, is still making a difference today by bringing justice to people who abuse and neglect animals.

Although there are many types of animal cruelty, it can be split into two different categories. Passive cruelty happens when an owner has neglected their pet. Leaving it without food or water or not having a shelter for it are examples. The other type is active cruelty which is intentional abuse to an animal. This can include beating or whipping an animal (Anti-cruelty society). Both of these are against the law except for in some special cases, like cockfighting which is still legal in New Mexico and Louisiana.

Causes of animal cruelty are numerous. The reason animals are so prone to abuse is that they can't stand up for themselves. They can't call out for help or call the police. They are left alone to fend for themselves against people who...