Huffman Trucking: Database Implementation.

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Huffman Trucking, a Cleveland, Ohio logistics firm that recently acquired five regional carriers (Huffman Trucking, 2005) contracted American Success Consulting (ASC) to develop an enterprise-level information system solution to enable the company to meet established business goals. ASC is beginning this effort by conducting an investigation and feasibility study for building a relational database. In this study we will address the scope of the project, Huffman's business goals and assumptions. We will then present our findings concerning the projects technical, operational, and economic feasibility. We will also include a diagram of the current business process and list the system requirements we propose.

Statement of Scope.

In exploring possibilities to help Huffman Trucking expand and develop Entity-Relationship Diagrams for Fleet Truck Maintenance and a Normalized Database in MS Access. Smith Consulting developed entities and attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance but did not develop the database. MASM will design the normalized database.

Business Goals.

Huffman Trucking wishes to reduce operations cost while also expanding their market and remaining competitive. Our solution will meet these goals when implemented. We project Huffman Trucking will reduce operating costs 10-20% while increasing the company's market share.


In developing this investigation and feasibility report MASM made the following assumptions:

- Huffman trucks often go over the maintenance mileage which requires trucks to be driven to the maintenance facility without a shipment which results in loss of profits

- Huffman operates a maintenance program at the Cleveland headquarters

- Tracking of trucks and shipment are done manually

- 800 trucks are processed at maintenance every 10 weeks

Project Feasibility

Huffman Trucking faces two operational feasibility issues. The first is if transforming the company to a more streamlined process through technology is possible. MASM research has concluded that this is possible as many logistics businesses already operate...