If you do not fear making errors

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Refusing the notion that making errors are wrong helps people improve their ability on which they are working. People generally think that making errors, in every aspect, is not forgivable or justifiable. Therefore they feel shameful about their errors and never try again on which they have made errors. However, it is not recommendable attitude. Making errors can make people find out what they have done wrong, so next time they can do much better. Also, trying more and making more mistakes means people become more accustomed to it, which means people do better on it than others who did not try. I realized the theme--making errors makes me better-- in the debate championship that I participated in. There, I did so poor that I wanted to quit, but I didn't surrender and did my best in all four rounds. It had been a hard decision for me because I was weaker than the others I felt much shameful of myself after each round, which was painful.

At that time I didn't know, but after finished, this debate championship left me something. I could feel that my speaking ability and debate skills were improved much.

Also, what was more important was that I realized I can achieve something if I passionately participate and confidently face the errors. If I just feared doing so bad in front of many people that gave up, I may not have been able to improve my speaking ability. Making errors, at that time, can make people feel nervous and disappointed, but it lasts only for a short time. However, what people can learn and achieve from it is precious forever even if it doesn't seem so then. My experience proves it. Don't fear making errors and try.