The Impacts of Demographic Characteristics and Cultural Diversity

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There are a number of elements that are necessary for the creation of any team. These elements include: two or more individuals, a common team goal, and the necessary resources of time, materials, space, and perhaps money needed to accomplish and then sustain the goal. High performance teams learn and demonstrate behaviors that are not exhibited by most teams. In most organizations teams are formed to either make decisions or implement decisions. High performance teams are expected to both decide how change is to occur, and implementing the change. High performance teams need to take this dual role into consideration and choose both individuals who are thought to be leaders and influencers in the organization and individuals who have varied backgrounds and experience. While high performance teams can be implemented to achieve any significant business purpose, they are most often formed to achieve dramatic improvements within the processes. However, high performance teams need to take into consideration the effects demographics, and cultural diversity will have on the overall success of the team.

From Group to High Performance Team

Three key characteristics of high performance team building involve trust, respect, and support. Support involves actively keeping an eye on the other team members and demonstrating a willingness to help each other out when help is needed. High performance teams are always conscious of quality and strive to improve the quality of their teamwork as well as the quality of their output. A common practice for high performance teams is to have a leader or manager. The team leader is responsible for teaching team building behavior. Leaders are also helpful in making certain that the team receives guidance and training as needs arise.

Organizations decide to assemble high performance teams for different reasons. There are times when organizations are strong in some...