Important idea in the novel "The outsiders" by S.E.Hinton.

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An important idea in the novel 'the outsiders' by S.E.Hinton is Social class. There are two gangs constantly picking fights with each other and they cause many incidents through the novel. Geasers have to suffer so many troubles because of their appearances and this is why the idea is important.

Socs are rich kids Greasers are poor kids .There is a quote " We couldn't have Covairs or madras shirts, but we could have hair". This quote tells that the Socs are rich, have lots of money and dress nicely and the Greasers have greasy hair and they are proud of it.

There are many fights between the two gangs. Many incidents are caused by such needless violence between them through the book. The fights between them lead to the death of Bob and indirectly to the deaths of Johny and dally.

Greasers must work extremely hard for everything they have because people judge them on their appearances.

When the Greasers are shouting the ugly comments that have been made about them , there is a quote " I am a greaser...I blacken the name of our city.." The quote tells us Greasers are underprivileged because of their appearances.

Greasers are blamed for everything bad and Socs are never blamed for anything. Social class in an important idea in the novel because we can see through the novel that underprivileged children have to suffer so many troubles because of their appearances and this tells us judging people on their appearance makes the children even harder to survive in todays society.