How was the Industrial Revolution a big part of History?

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The Industrial Revolution was a large part of history. During this period there were some important figures that made the Industry just a little bit easier in Britain. Three of the many major figures were Thomas Newcomen, James Watts, and James Hargreaves.

Coal mining was a major industry during the Industrial Revolution. There were some technical problems of coal mining. One of the most difficult mining problems was water. The deeper the workers dug the pit reached pool of water. This problem made it hard to haul as the pit filled with water. Thomas Newcomen solved the problem by inventing the steam driven pump. These pumps allowed water to be suck through the pipe directly from the pit bottom to the surface (Early Coal Mining). Before Newcomen developed this invention women and children had to remove the water with large buckets and then were pulled with a wheel and pulled up by horses (Early Coal Mining).

This invention not only saves 2500 workers to carry out water from the pits, but also increases the output of coal which later produced industrial fuel. His first working engine was installed at a coalmine in Staffordshire in Seventeen twelve (Thomas Newcomen). In 1720 when Thomas died over one hundred of his engines were working in Britain.

When weavers started to work alone because of the flying shuttles this increased the demand for spun thread. The "spinning bottleneck" which was invented by James Watts, was another major figure whom invented the steam engine in Seventeen seventy five of the Industrial Revolution. Even though this invention was named his, he could not have done it without Matthew Boulton and John Wilkinson whom made the engine valves and bone cylinders which made this invention possible. Watts designed the mechanism to convert the...