Integrative Case Study: Entrepreneurs.

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In order for any business to succeed, it is imperative for its leader to have, and then subsequently demonstrate, several important qualities. These include the ambition and drive of an entrepreneur, the ability to lead, organise and inspire, as well as the capability to recognise valuable commitment worthy of reward. Sarina Russo, a high-profile Brisbane businesswoman, and her rewarding career, encapsulate these qualities and serve to outline the benefits that an entrepreneur's motivation can produce.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

Sarina Russo can justifiably be described as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is defined as "someone who is willing to pursue opportunities in situations others view as problems or threats" (Campling et al. 2004, p.242). When applied to business, an entrepreneur starts new ventures that introduce new products or new services to the market (Campling et al. 2004, p.242). Entrepreneurs are a valuable asset, as they allow for the global economy to develop, innovate and thrive.

For these reasons, Sarina Russo's importance and contribution to society have proven to be of great value.

The most recognised characteristic of an entrepreneur, to introduce a new product or service, was undoubtedly displayed by Sarina when she established her first business, The Office Business Academy, in 1979. Sarina has stated that shortly before she established her own business, she was a 'dormant' entrepreneur. The Office Business Academy has now advanced into the Russo Institute of Technology, and twenty-four years after establishing her first business, the Sarina Russo Group, with Sarina as the Managing Director and CEO, represents five businesses in total. Additionally, there are six other typical personal characteristics commonly found in entrepreneurs that Sarina appears to demonstrate. Sarina has high internal control, as well as a high energy level. From the beginning, Sarina believed that she alone controlled her destiny, and worked hard and persistently in...