What is Integrity?

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Integrity is instilled in you from birth. Believe it or not "potty training" is a form of integrity, Whereas it might not be thought of such. When a parent teaches his kid to wake up in the morning and wash himself, brush his teeth, and to fix his hair all shows things that will be with him for his whole life. But to do it repeatedly for the rest of his life shows not only respect for himself but for his parents.

The first and last part of integrity is respect. There are many factors, however ,in integrity. Life has shown many times that in order to get where you want to be in a faster way is to cheat, steal, or commit some act that is against the law as well as good will. Insubordination is when someone disagrees with some form of authority around him. When a Marine is told to do something and he completely does not do it due to the fact that he does not want to do it, or he is upset at the situation he is being insubordinate.

So when a Marine of the same class or rank is passed an assignment to another marine is he being insubordinate if he does not do it? Yes, for the reason that when a task is passed from a higher rank he must follow is general orders. When he does not do it it makes it seem like he is disobeying an order, that shows that he does not have enough integrity to follow through with the task bestowed in him since Recruit training.

One might ask to himself: "why do I need to do a task, when it seems like it is wrong?" . He cannot ask a question about it and his...