Internal and External Business Functions: The Verizon Corporation.

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According to, innovation is the act of starting something for the first time or introducing something new (WordNet, 2003). Verizon Wireless has been a prime example of a company that has plenty of innovation and readily uses the four functions of management. "Mobile-computing pioneer Palm has licensed the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system for an expanded line of Treo smartphones, the first of which will be available on Verizon Wireless' national wireless broadband network" (, 2005). This statement was just released on September 26, 2005. Verizon wireless is constantly introducing a new product and growing in the business world.

Planning is the first of the four functions of management. Planning requires making decisions for the company in order to advance and grow. Planning also requires figuring out what goals the company has and wants to conquer in the future. "We never stop working for you" (ProQuest, PR Newswire, Sept 21, 2005, pg.

1), is the Verizon Wireless motto. Verizon is consistently working and planning new ideas so that they are constantly improving service. Innovation plays a huge part in this. They are dedicated to improving and growing with new products to help the company advance.

Organizing also falls into planning. The company must be organized in order to make good plans and work well together. Good organizing and planning was necessary for the recovery services that were needed with the impact of Hurricane Rita. "The preparation and planning that we put in place prior to the storm is paying off as we deploy recovery crews and equipment to the areas impacted by Hurricane Rita,' said Katherine Greene, Verizon Wireless Houston/Gulf Coast region president. "Thanks to our advanced planning our recovery crews have the generators, fuel, and spare parts that they need to quickly restore service in areas...