Internal & External Forces

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In every organization, there is an overload of forces that may occur internally as well as externally that will impact organizational behavior. In order to understand what how an organization is functioning we have to concentrate on a broader perspective and we have to analyze the people that are actually building blocks of the organizations. Hence the study of organizational behavior means studying the structure, the functioning, the performance and the behavior of people in an organization. In today's world we interact with organizations that exist for accomplishing specific and well-defined goals through the behavior of their members.

As we enter a technology based century, the environment in which organizations operate is increasingly turbulent, rocked by forces such as competition and customer demands. Economy and globalization forces have dramatically changed the make-up of today's workforce, which is now the most educated and ethnically diverse in history, in addition to having the greatest representation of people.

These developments are profoundly affecting the way in which organizations restructure themselves and develop their organizational mission. In this paper, the group will analyze how internal and external forces impact organizational behavior in an organization.

The organization's mission covers various areas of interest including the service expected as well as the upkeep of the organization to attract potential customers. It is known to most companies where they are going; often all employees can view and read the philosophy of the mission statement, it is also placed in an area easily accessible for that purpose. A mission statement also leads to the vision of the corporation, more on a long-term basis thus, providing a pathway by doing marketing research in the market of interest. To keep ahead of the competition the mission must be implemented as well as trying new methods of operation. The vision must...