Interviewing, and Observing Different Culture Perspectives.

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September 11th, 2001: A turning point for both Muslims Christians in America. A crash in economy, security alerts raised, Muslims targeted, flights cancelled. True mayhem was caused by this disaster, and all anger was relinquished upon us. Cars were rammed into mosques, and families were crushed because of the loss of their loved ones. Before this tragedy, little or any segregated feelings were felt upon Muslims. Born and raised in Afghanistan, segregation, technology, political issues were the last things on my mind. I grew up a simple life; a life consisting of school, chores, and not much else. When my travels brought me to America, the complications of everything bewildered me. Mortgages, water bills, electric bills, telephone bills. As soon as I settled into my new home, things started going astray again. September 11th gave me un tolerating looks on the street. To make things worse, operation Iraqi Freedom was launched on March 30th, 2003.

It was like I was the cause for all of this. After Saddam Hussein was finally captured, for some reason I felt as though weight was taken off my back.

The tension eased a bit and America seemed normal again. The man I will be interviewing is my trusted friend John Robertson. He is an up to date American, tells everything as it is without tampering anything about it. He grew up in a little town in Minnesota, and moved to Texas after his college years were over. He currently owns Mango Inc. and actively volunteers around his community, talking about politics and stocks while working. His political knowledge and views forced me to see him as a more than eligible candidate for this interview. I first noticed his awareness of the status of America when he held a little get together for chatting about...