"Ithaca": Life's Journey

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The Excursion of Ithaca

Ursula K. LeGuin once said "It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end." I believe that almost everyone agrees with LeGuin in her notion. Too often do people charge through their lives in order to reach the end, usually missing the ride commonly known as life. It is agreed by the majority of the population that the best part of existence is everyday life, not the completion of your voyage toward the "end."

Since I am a runner, I am exceedingly familiar with the idea of ignoring the path you travel. I often find myself let down at the end of races. By being so determined to finish, I missed the great atmosphere of the course. I was running to finish, not to run. Then it hit me, I had wasted twenty minutes of my life due to my focusing on the destination, and not enjoying the trip to get there.

Those who dash through their years can sometimes miss the best events in life. For example, I once missed a birthday party because I was taking a Practice SAT test. It was not necessary for me to take it, I was preparing for my next step in life, a little too early. I had missed one of the best parts of life. There have also been times where I seized an opportunity, and was delighted that I had done so. I had a chance to tour the East Coast with some of my friends. I took the opportunity, and it was by far the best event of my life. These were both part of my personal expedition through life, and like Homer's The Odyssey, the heart of the story, were by far...