The Job Interview, what one must know.

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The job interview is one of the most stressful times in people's lives. Applicants can be the most qualified, best trained, highly motivated and most stable people you have ever had the pleasure of meeting, but because of presentation (the way they present themselves), poor communication skills, and not being prepared they will not get the job. Everyone has to work to make money or fill their time, keep our brains occupied and functional, and to have the capital to better our lives and the lives of our families. I have annualized the components of job interviews and have selected three to focus on; Preparation, Communications, and References which I feel these three components are of paramount importance to any company hiring you, and for you the job seeker, so you can land that next job.

With all things that we accomplish in life, preparation is the key. There's an old saying " don't go to a gun fight with a knife" this applies to a situation involving preparation.

From the beginning, you must gain control of your emotions and, through study and rehearsals make yourself the best that you can be in a communication world.

So lets first talk about preparation. We will call this operational preparation of the battlefield. Your research on the potential employer must begin well before you apply for the position. Who's in Charge? What does this company do? What are its goals and objectives? Where has it been and where is it going? What kind of financial situation are they in? What is the climate of the company areas?

These are broad topics but should be give you a base point to begin your search. Also you have to ask yourself some questions. How long do I plan to work from this company? What...