Judy: a friend, Prom Date and a Bulimic.

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Recently I learned that, Judy, my friend, prom date, and calculus helper in high school is bulimic. It is weird to have known the person through their eating disorder and not notice their problem until someone else has described actions that I would have seen as normal. I noticed she ate large portions of food, but I never thought she would be vomiting the large meal out of her stomach thirty minutes later. I saw pictures of her from ninth and tenth grade class and she obviously had lost a great deal of weight from then to the present day. But I still did not question how she lost this weight; she was an athlete so I considered that as the reason to why and how she lost all her weight. I noticed that she went to the bathroom for long intervals when we finished eating a large lunch at the mall or at a restaurant, but I did not think she was doing anything else than the normal things people did in the bathroom.

Kate Lovett believes "Bulimia and Depression are related," and learned that Binge eating is not a response to intense hunger. It is usually a response to depression, stress, or self esteem issues; and this may be how she deals with her sadness and depression. That may be why I have never seen my high school friend depressed, except for when my friends and I confronted her with our concerns of her bulimic behavior.

Bulimia can cause many intestinal problems, such as ulcers, heart problems, dental decay, ruptured esophagus, other physiological problems, along with depression and anxiety to carry with long-term psychological problems. I would like to help this person, but the only way I knew to help was tell her she had a problem;...