Jumping Bug investigation. GCSE Coursework.

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Physics Coursework - Bug Up Investigation.

The aim of this experiment is to investigate how the mass of a bug-up toy affects the height at which it jumps to, and how the gravitational potential energy produced by the toy varies with its changing mass.

Basic Procedure.

To investigate this, the height at which the bug-up jumps to needs to be recorded against the increasing mass of the toy. This data can then be used to identify any form of correlation between the mass of the toy and the height at which it is able to jump. Firstly, the mass of the unaltered bug-up is recorded before placing the toy at the base of a ruler. Then the spring of the toy is compressed, and the height at which it jumps to is measured off the ruler. In this experiment, an exercise book will be held at the point on the ruler at which the bug-up is predicted to jump to, so that the subsequent jump can be measured with a greater degree of accuracy.

This process will be repeated three times, to account for any anomalous results, before increasing the mass of the bug up by adding a 1g ball of plasticine to it. This process is then repeated.

Maintaining a Fair Experiment.

To maintain a fair experiment, certain variables need to be kept constant so that they do not influence the results obtained. Firstly, the same bug-up toy must be used throughout the duration of the experiment. This is because if two or more separate toys are used, than it is likely they will have different masses, and varying strengths of springs, which will cause the bug-up to jump to different heights. For this reason, if the bug-up toy is changed at some point during the experiment, than...