"To kill a mockingbird."

Essay by adanr262046 September 2005

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"To Kill A Mockingbird" is a wonderful book that is heart throbbing, cannot be put down. This book is very popular to many age categories of people. Many people in high school have read this book for many reasons.

This book is like a part of our history. Harper Lee wrote this book in the 1960's. The error when civil rights and racism was still a big issue. Although this book is based in the 1930's you can still get a good grasp on what it was like to grow up during that era and what African Americans had to face.

This is a popular book because it also gives you insight on becoming of age. The fact that a large a majority of teenagers can relate to the book growing up maybe even some feeling discriminated toward because of their color. When teens read this book may tell them that they are not the only ones going through crisis that everyone does at some point.

"To Kill A Mockingbird" shows a person that the things that had happened back then must not go on. History must not repeat itself and this book helps to tell you that. Could you imagine if it was the way it was back then? Well, life would not be good at all. To be able to compare now and then is a good thing and I feel that everyone should be able to do that.

Not being able to read "To Kill A Mockingbird" is like forgetting history. If we forgot history then it may eventually repeat itself. This book has stood through time because it takes you to see and experience all the things African Americans have felt back then such as cruelty, love, laughter, hate and...