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The Kodak brand has always ranked among the top in the world by name recognition and quality. Eastman Kodak has built its brand loyalty since 1888 when George Eastman produced the first camera that simplified the complex process of photography and made it available to everyone. Since then, Kodak has pioneered many new products to numerous markets for a multitude of reasons: pleasure, business, medical, scientific, and entertainment. In the early years of 2000, Kodak was faced with a huge challenge as their main driver of revenue, film camera and processing was losing popularity. Technology was driving the trend to go digital and Kodak's film business was clearly in jeopardy. Kodak shifted their main focus to digital and over the last five years has become a leader in the market today. In 2001, Kodak introduced the Easy Share System which consisted of a digital camera and docking station. The same year, Kodak acquired Ofoto, the leading online photography service.

This paper will focus on Kodak as a company and their main products in the infoimaging industry, the digital camera, easy share, and on-line processing.

In February of 2005, the market research firm IDC announced that Eastman Kodak was in a strong and prominent position in the US consumer digital photography market.

IDC also placed Kodak at the forefront of the competition with almost 22 % of the market. A competing market research group, NPD,gave the top spot to two other competitors in his field, Sony and Canon. However, the NPD group conceded Kodak's dominance in the home printing market, noting that the Kodak "Easy Share" printer docks were the best selling photo printers in 2004. Kodak has positioned itself to be a dominant company in the delivery of consumer images. This paper will also analyze where Kodak focused its marketing...