Language, sound and literary choices the poet has made in "Mountain Lion"

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Nature is beautiful, every aspect of it should be preserved and left to be observed by generations to come. But there are humans, who cannot appreciate the beauty of a living animal and wants to kill it. We destroy nature without remorse but on the other hand some of us take pleasure in murdering innocent animals. In the poem 'Mountain Lion' written by D. H. Lawrence, it explores this idea. This poem is very prosaic and tells the story of the death of a lion at by a hunter's hands.

This poem is set out in the wild, the speaker and his companions walking in a forest. This group represents the people who understand the value of nature. Then they see "Men! Two men! Men!" Who are "the only animal in the world to fear". This line gives us the foreboding feeling that something will go wrong or has gone wrong.

Lawrence repeats the word "men" three times with exclamation marks after each one. This suggests that the speaker is saying it with natural reflex, like it has seen a predator. This group represents the evil and selfish people of the world. The prosaic quality of this poem combined with the use of first person narrative enables us to feel as the speaker does. Thus we are able to experience the fright that the speaker is under. The speaker of this poem is a human himself so this emphasizes the dangerousness of the other party.

A four-line stanza with parallel structure follows this. "They hesitate. We hesitate. They have a gun", the next line is unexpected, "We have no gun". This abrupt change alerts us. It shows the difference between the two parties. As we read these lines aloud, a lot of emphasis is put into the...