Learning How to Throw a Baseball.

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The word "learn,", in general, just sounds boring to the average person.

The word "accomplishment," however, seems more intriguing. Well, to accomplish a certain task it requires one to learn how to do it first, kind of like working out to lose weight. You have to have the pain before the glory. A challenge I recently took on was a ten-day learning assignment and it was to learn how to throw a baseball. I chose this task because it would have verifiable results and I thought it would be interesting. To see if I had progressed in ten days I recorded how many out of twenty balls thrown actually hit the designated target. In addition, I set a goal to reach by the end of the ten-day period. So I first learned how to throw correctly and then I attempted to reach my goal. Learning how to throw a baseball may be achieved if effort is put forth.

Due to my recent successful achievement, I strongly feel that setting a goal, acquiring necessary basic knowledge, and repetitive practice, will increase a person's skill and eventually contributing to meeting a set goal.

Goal setting is very important because it gives you something to aim for and the task seems more purposeful. When setting a goal it should be specific, for example my goal during the project was to be able to throw fifteen out of the twenty balls thrown to the target, by the end of ten days, and to see if this goal can be met through practice and the gaining of knowledge on the subject. My goal was specific because it had what I was doing, the amount of time to achieve it, and had a means of measurement. I learned that when setting a goal make it practical...