Legalized Prostitution: A Crucial Step Towards Further Development

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Prostitution is a very controversial issue. It is known to be one of the oldest occupations in history. Many people are against prostitution in general. The concept is widely believed to be immoral, indecent, sacrilegious, and impure, although, there are many people who think that there is a lot more to prostitution than payment for sexual services. There may be some negative aspects when judging the occupation, but there are also many benefits that outweigh the negatives. Many women and men rely on this occupation in order to pay for the necessities of life such as food and shelter. It is arguable issue in law and society and it is debatable whether legalization can benefit society. In a country where prostitution is illegal, people take the occupation regardless and become involved in a harsh world filled with violence, drug use, sexually transmitted diseases and insecurity. Legalizing prostitution can result in advantages not only for the prostitute, but for the country's government, infrastructure, and economy.

With legalization, a country can reduce and eliminate common problems in the industry such as violence and disease, enforce regulation and make sure it is free of child sex workers and illegally trafficked women, save funds that are spent on incarcerating prostitutes, and receive financial benefits for the government from a very profitable market.

Legalizing prostitution will bring proper government regulations. These regulations eliminate the common problems associated with the occupation. A major concern in the business is the exploitation of women by pimps. Martin Keith, a Member of Parliament expresses his views, "It's time to scrap the current solicitation laws and punish pimps, who are really engaging in abusive and incredibly exploitative relationships" (Martin, par. 9). Government regulations will ensure that pimps do not control the workers, abuse them, and take away their earnings. Instead...