Legalizing Prostitutions: Central Idea:To persuade my listeners that prostitution should be legal.

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Specific Purpose: To examine Prostitutions laws and its culture.

Central Idea: To persuade my listeners that prostitution should be legal and legalizing it would have a positive impact on society.

2. Introduction: Anytime you pay for sex is it morally incorrect? And since money is involved should the government have the right to govern how adults conduct their sexual lives? I'm sure everyone here has seen a prostitute, and been exposed to it via some medium, yet prostitution is illegal. Why is iit still everywhere. Did you know that countries having legal prostitution enjoy many benefits the United States does not. When we examine sex as a trade, the combination of philosophy, cultural precedence, religious influence and politics made each country select how to handle it in its own way. Singapore, Korea, Philippines and Thailand sex for money is open and commonplace. I can attest to this fact as I have been to these places while I was in the Marines.

In Denmark women can be legal prostitutes so long as it is not their sole means of income. Canada, France and Mexico allow it. Prostitutes must be contained within brothels in the Netherlands. In England and Wales prostitution is limited to individual providers. Israel, the historical stage for the Bible, allows it, too. In contrast, the United States has made prostitution illegal (misdemeanor) in all states, except certain counties of Nevada

I will discuss the pros and cons of legalization, crime statistics, healthcare and social concerns surrounding this controversial topic. And I'm sure you will agree that we should all write congress and ask them to legalize this trade.

Cons I. Cons: After having read numerous articles on opposition to legalizing prostitution here are some arguments. Men (or women) are taking advantage of the prostitute and they often show...