"The Legend Within" (prologue)

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The five cars zoomed across the mountains, their headlights blinking left and right across the moonlit night with the occasional screech of tyres. They took tight turns, skidding with skill and zeal. At the last hairpin turn, one of the cars skidded to far out hit the metal barriers and flipped over. It hid the ground with a sharp rattling and stopped as the heavy darkness closed in on the Japanese Mountains. The rest of the cars took no notice and roared away. Welcome to midnight in Okinawa- the city of Drift.

Maieda Takahashi bowed his head slightly, " Welcome to Sani Petrol Station". But he couldn't help noticing the car the man in the sunglasses drove. A red Nissan Silvia with a full body kit and an interior which screamed money. On the thick spoiler, there was a sticker which bore the racing team's name- NightPaths. His stare was broken by the man's booming voice, " Can't you fill the car up with high octane?" Maieda snapped back into his work and hastily filled his car up.

The car revved and blasted out of the station. Maieda bowed again, " Thank for coming". The driver in the Silvia didn't even notice.

Maieda trudged home to his father's sushi shop. He opened the door and the bells rang its clear welcome tune. His dad was on a stool drinking some more of his collection of his white wine. "Evening, Dad".

His dad, Kelvin Takahashi just grunted. Maieda, a handsome guy with streaks of dyed blonde hair; and always had that sleepy look on his face like he was born with it. His father, Kelvin, was more like An aged type of Maieda and an unshaved man with rather short hair.

His dad grunted again and out with a cup...