Letter to Grandson on career.

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Dear Grandson,

Your mother has told me that you're seriously considering a career as a coal miner and as I was a coal miner almost my whole life I thought I could give you some useful advice too make your decision easier. When I was about your age I also wanted too be a coal miner, I thought it will be so fun and exciting and that ill make good money doing what I enjoy. I soon learned that I thought wrong, coal mining wasn't as I excepted it too be. It wasn't fun or exciting it was hard work and it was very dangerous, but at the end of the day I still made good money but it wasn't worth it. I should've listened to my father in the first place who was telling me not too be a coal miner.

I'm trying to make sure you don't make the same mistake as I did by becoming a coal miner. I've cheated death so many times over the years. I've seen so many people die over the decades coal mining and it makes me think how lucky I am. There was this one time where I was mining and all these gases and fumes came in the tunnel and I couldn't notice and I had a lot of smoke inhalation. Luckily I heard a voice telling me to get outside, so I bolted outside. Later I found out by the doctor if I stayed in the mine for another 30 seconds I would've have died. That's how dangerous coal mining is, I don't want to even start with all the injuries I've had over the years. In the end it's your decision Grandson, but I hope you think well about what I have said and make the right decision.