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Soccer has been a part of my life since I was in kindergarten and it's what keeps me focused and determined in life, especially through high school. I've been playing select soccer with the Northwest Nationals Shamrocks where I have made tons of friends, and sometimes; unfortunately, enemies. The chemistry on the team has been unbelievable and some how even if we haven't always gotten along, it hasn't affected the result or play on the field all the time. These girls carried the same love for the game as myself and I think that's why we are all so close. We've been were crazy together and even if I was acting a little immature and random they didn't judge me, they joined me. The girls I play with on the Shamrocks go to different schools. Because I am the only one from Meadowdale who plays, seeing these girls at practice would make my day.

Soccer is a definite stress relief, partly because it is a contact sport and also because I could just have fun and work hard with the most influential people in my life.

If anyone saw us together, they wouldn't think that we would be as close as we are. Each of my teammates, including myself, brings something different to the team especially coming from different backgrounds. Practice is also a time for me to getaway from everything and to enjoy the game even if they are just speed drills at practice. As an original Shamrock, I have met many girls throughout the eight years on the team, many whom I am still friends with or play against now.

Since soccer is such a major part of my life, I have gained an extreme amount of respect for the Athletic Trainers who took care of us at...