Lila's thoughts in "The village by the sea" by Anita Desai

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Hari leaving us, was it the killing of pinto that caused him to run away from home? He was always averse to living in the village, and felt that there was no hope in our Thul. As there was a lack of resources, he could not do anything properly. We had no fishing boat let alone a fleet for Hari to go catch any fish in the sea to feed our family. Father's perpetual drunkenness always caused Hari to speak out against it, though only with me. He always wished death for father, how could a son think like that? Being the only son in the family and the main source of income, by farming and plucking coconuts to sell, was the only way we could make our day to day ends meet. Father took too much on loan for fulfilling his need for his drink, and we were left with very little.

Hari wanted to get a job in the factory, but that would not be ready for a while. Biju's boat was very attractive in the beginning but as the criticisms started, Hari dropped the idea and was in a dilemma as to what to do. Hearing from Mina, Kamal and Bela were informed about Hari's departure to Bombay, the news was promptly reported to me. I was shocked as I thought that he only went to the village to watch the drama, but when I heard that he went to Bombay, I was thinking of all the reasons that he could have left. The De Silvas were a great aid in this time of despair, taking mother to the doctor in alibagh. If Hari was here, we probably would have not done anything like taking mother to the doctor, but since Hari is gone we...