Locker Checks.

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Everyday when students enter their schools, they expect a certain amount of privacy . They consider their things such as their lockers and book bags to be private, secure places where they can put their valuable and personal objects when they are in school. However, a new Wisconsin law allows school principals to search students lockers for weapons, drugs, and other illegal imports without asking the student's permission.

Some say that it allows administration to provide security measures needed in schools in attempting to control violent situations and drugs as well. They also say that publicity on the new law may work as a reminder to students to not bring weapons or drugs to schools. According to almost every school handbook, student lockers are school property and students are allowed to occupy them as long as the materials kept inside them are appropriate for school.

While it is important that schools go through many safety measures to protect students and teachers, random bag and locker checks go too far.

Not only do these inspections make students feel the administrations in their schools do not trust them and take away what limited privacy they have in school, they are also a violation of the fourth amendment right guaranteed to us "Protection from unreasonable search and seizure". while some may say that searching the belongings of students for the purposes of security is reasonable, a school's environment cannot remain positive if the entire student body feels that they are a suspect for a crime or violation that the have not and probably will not ever commit.