The Lost Story of the Industrial Revolution (Narrative about the life of the common man during this time).

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Deirdre and her husband stood outside their new home in New York. Running a small farm just was not a possibility anymore. Mr.Wayden had sold his land in Georgia and hoped to get a job in the city. It seemed as if every farmer had done the same.

Deirdre Wayden suddenly missed the smell of fresh corn in the morning. She had never been so far from home. Though homesick, Deirdre tried to forget the past and admire this amazing city.

There were people everywhere. The city's population had almost doubled in the last two years. Industrialization was to blame. Large farm owners were buying land off the smaller land owning farmers. Factories were being built in the north and everyone fled to cities to make a living.

The next morning, Bill Wayden did not waste any valuable time and headed off to look for a job. They had afforded the new home with the money they received for selling their farm, now left with only a hundred dollars.

This would only last a few more weeks.

There were jobs everywhere, yet it seemed there were more people looking for one than actually working at one. By the end of the week, Bill must have gone to over two dozen factories. And yet still, he was unemployed. Bill, determined to find a job which paid more than a few cents a day, declined every offer.

Two weeks later, Mr. Wayden finally realized that he would not find a well paying job anytime soon. He went back to one of the cotton textiles factories and applied for the job. They hired him within minutes and he was training within a few hours. He had never worked so much in his life. The place reeked of human waste because of...