Lost In A World Of Touching.

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This enchanted realm is theming dust again

Honey you're my last remaining breath

You're the ending beating of my chest

You're so much more the darkness than the light

I can feel the ways you move me when I'm sleeping

How awake am I to still be dreaming

We're falling through strings of seasons

And I have trouble breathing

Your face burns delicate sculpture overlooks

And it hurts.

It hurts to see us getting old

It hurts that distance time and life can hold us

I still pray

Not to something or someone

But of thanks for my dear friend

Heaven's Gonna Be In Hell Tonight

Every single curve is planning

You like chemicals working out

I like the washboard effect

I like your ankle angles

That's heaven

Seeing you smile

Sunday driving roads the hills take

Camping, waking, making eggs

Knowing art better than museums

When people ask I tell them

You're an angel's type of devil

Pissant At An Old Atomic Age

When I look back

On mitigated sanity logic wielded near

I throw my hands

On secrets of the blind man's world

Leading to us here

When I go back

Recreate the summer days sunken in my head

There's too much there

Love gushes running flooding out

Mighty as a pen

When I return

The sky has learned its tricks

We give requests

Answered in the bells chimed right above our heads

When the world is gone

Let rubble be a nesting place

Of water and the wind