Love Comes With Pain: A Vampire High story

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(Continued from when Sherry's appendix bursts)

Drew sat unconditionally traumatized, what had he done, why didn't he do it, she was dead now, and he couldn't restore her, he knew what he had done and what he hadn't, but why didn't save her?

"Hey, I'm so sorry" Merrill comforted Drew "I don't need any sympathy" Drew told Merrill as he kept from letting screaming tears burst from his eyes. "It's okay, we understand what you're going through" Merrill continued "No, you don't, you'll never understand, I have nothing to say to you, you caused all my pain, I'll never love anyone else, don't you see what you've done, I have something to say, but not to you" Drew yelled angrily as he slammed his Bed/coffin room door shut.

Drew laid in his coffin, what had he done, and what was he kidding it wasn't Merrill's fault Sherry died, it was an accident, but he only wished he could take back those last few hours and change everything.

Drew closed his eyes and laid there.

"Everyone" Drew heard Dr. Murdoch faintly say. Drew got up and found his way to where the others were. "ahh, Drew thank you very much for joining. Now as I was saying, the Elders have entrusted me two more new Vampires, I do hope you get along and they will be joining us in our classes shortly after they come, there was to only be one but as I said thank you Drew for entrusting us with one other Vampire, have a good day, and I will inform you when they arrive" Doctor Murdoch said, then he turned to leave when Essie said something. "Dr. Murdoch, may I ask what Gender these new vampires are?" "Essie, there are to be two girls, but there may be...