"Lumen Gentum."

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The most interesting metaphor indeed is the one concerning agriculture, it is something that is used worldwide, it is what we identify the most with, mother nature produces, the seed is placed and it germinates and blossoms. That is where the food is taken so that humanity can survive. There cannot be a more important metaphor and that can be better understood even though the world is industrialized. The raw material is obtained from the land. We all have clear in our minds that land provides life, that the land provides us with food. What better thing can we compare Christ with, if its not land, agriculture, life; He is the grapevine and the branches that are linked to Him will accomplish life. From Him, the branches will get their sap so they can exist, He will give them the light of the Holy Spirit, He will give them the gifts.

The stronger the unity is, the branches will be more vigorously and more full of God, more full of life. Sometimes we will sin and the branches will lose vigor, but forgiveness exists, retaking the union with the grapevine, with Christ and continue the growth. What else does Christ tell us? That if the grain of wheat does not die, it will not live. Here is another example of agriculture, agriculture is used one more time. Christ tells us that if we do not die to the sin, that if we do not die to the old man we used to be, we will not live.. The new man has to come up distant from the world of sin.

Another useful example of agriculture is the parable of the sowing man, where not only wheat came out but also weeds and the owner of the land allowed them to...