Macbeth Review.

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The Courageous good hearted Macbeth takes advice from 3 witches, and from then on Macbeth turns evil killing his closest friend and king. With the help from his evil paranoid wife Lady Macbeth they both go insane.


Macbeth: Starts out good ends up bad.

Lady Macbeth: Seems innocent but she is the one that convinces Macbeth to do a dark deed.

Banquo: Macbeth's good friend.

King Duncan: Kind man


Macbeth is set in Medieval England. There are kings, peasants etc.

Personal Response:

I did not enjoy Macbeth, because I found it quite boring and the language just confused me and got on my nerves. The Action scenes were quite good and detailed. There was a lot of emotion in this book. This book I thought had a lot of peer pressure in it for example Lady Macbeth convinced Macbeth to kill King Duncan.


I think the meaning of this book was not to give into peer pressure.


I thought this was a very dark depressing tone due to the Medieval Age, with the castles and lack of colour.


I think the audience it will attract our older people. But Kids will have to do this in English class.