The Main Idea in "A Way of Talking" and "A Game of Cards"

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The main idea in both stories 'A Way of Talking' and 'A Game of Cards' is close relationships, especially within the family. This is important because we can understand how people think, and how we can overcome problems or family differences.

In 'A Way of Talking' Hera and Rose have a close relationship, Hera is proud of her sister and enjoys talking to her and listening to her. When Rose mimics the professors, the family laughs. By doing this, Rose is sharing her experiences in the big city with her rural dwelling family and making these authority figures (professors) seem less scary. The reader enjoys seeing the humour and laughter in the relationship, and seeing the closeness between the sisters. This relationship is tested when rose questions Jane's racist comment. "He's been down the road getting Maoris for scrub cutting." Hera is embarrassed 'I was wild with Rose' and wishes that Rose had kept quiet.

Hera resents her sister's boldness initially but when she tries to tell her sister how she felt she gets a surprise. Rose says "Don't worry, Honey, she's got a thick hide." This comment makes Hera feel as if Rose "a lot older" than her. It opens her eyes to the fact that her sister is also "very hurt." This changes the relationship between the sisters, at least from Hera's point of view, and this new understanding probably brings them even closer.

In "A Game of Cards" there is also a close relationship between the narrator and the main character, Nanny Miro. The narrator loves his nanny very much and the reader gets the sense that he admires her too. Nanny Miro also loves the narrator. "Everybody used to say I was her favorite mokopuna,". We can see that they have a close...