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Over the break, I went to see "Mamma Mia". It was one of the best plays I had ever experienced. The energy the actors displayed coursed through my body, giving me goose bumps. The music was very tasteful and wistful. The actors sang with great intensity and the selection of songs complemented the theme of the play as if they were written specifically for the play. The actors sang with great passion and emotion, displaying incredible facial expressions and body language which added to the play's dynamics and made the play and the music flow smoothly together. Of all the songs in the play, I liked "Dancing Queen" the best. This is one of many hits by the band ABBA and considered to be one of their most famous songs. I particularly liked the lyrics and rhythm of the song as it seemed to fit the character and story line very well.

The play is based on the many hit songs from the band Abba and many of their songs are written into the script and song by all the actors as part of the play. Abba was a very popular band in the 1970's and early eighties and many of their hit songs are popular today with all age groups. I would highly recommend this play to every one. The music, dancing, acting and story line will appeal to everyone's enjoyment.