Management and Leadership.

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According to some, managers are principally administrators - they write business plans, set budgets, and monitor progress. Leaders on the other hand, get organizations and people to change. Management is a function that must be exercised in any business, leadership is a relationship between leader and led that can energize an organization. As a result, the role of management in the American workforce has shifted, and today's managers, more and more, have to develop some leadership skills. Leadership talent is even more essential to success on an executive level. Leaders play a great role in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture.

Leaders are the heart of a business. The essence of leadership means inspiring a group to come together for a common goal. Leaders motivate, console and work with people to keep them bonded and eager to move forward. That means setting a direction, communicating it to everyone who will listen (and probably many who won't) and keeping people psyched when times get tough.

Managers are the brains of a business. They establish systems, create rules and operating procedures, and put into place incentive programs and the like. Management, however, is about the business, not the people; the people are important as a way of getting the job done.

A healthy organization is one in which an obvious effort is made to get people with different backgrounds, skills, and abilities to work together toward the goal or purpose of the organization. Any good organization must have an inspiring, shared mission at its core and it must have capable leadership in place and in development. Leaders must create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. In order for leaders to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture I recommend an environment of accountability and personal responsibility. Denial, blame, and...